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STEP #1 - Generally, we begin with an audit of your telephone bills (local and long distance), cellular, advertising and any other print media, broadcast media and corporate lease agreements. Upon completion of those audits, we will address any other operations where you desire cost reductions.

STEP #2 - Our process is simple. We determine where your money is being spent and what benefits you are receiving by carefully analyzing past bills.

STEP #3 - We reduce the cost of your bills by utilizing a number of business tools, primarily:
  • New Bids (Request for Proposals)
  • Re-negotiation with Current Vendor(s)
  • Restructure of Service
  • Utilizing New Technology
  • Investigating Different but Related Service

    STEP #4 - We assist you in putting all changes into place and making sure that all changes are implemented properly.

    STEP #5 - Once we agree upon the charges, we will invoice you for 35% of the estimated savings for one year (even though your savings are likely to go on much longer). If we find credits that return actual money to you or is applied directly to your outstanding balance, then we invoice you for 50% of the credit amount. Itís that simple!